Location, Lukind Building, No 6&7, Chachacha Road, Lusaka.


Making life easy!

Revolutionising the way Zambians pay and get paid

“No matter how brilliant your idea is, if you’re not correctly networked and linked, it’s difficult to make it big”. These are the words of one of the Co-Founders of Mangwee during an interview with the Baobab Network. Click here to read full story. A Mangwee Outlet in a densely populated Lusaka Township of Matero

Hot Fintech Venture of 2018

2018 was a great year for Mangwee, We were selected among the Hot Fintech Ventures of 2018 by Briter. We are one of the impactful ventures changing the rules of the game across a wide range of sectors in Zambia and beyond. Briter is a think tank and consulting firm headquartered in London. The firm…
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Mangwee Android App

The Mangwee Wallet android app is now available on Google Play. The app enables you to send and receive money using a smart device. The app now brings Mangwee services closer to the people and makes it more affordable for people to use our products and services. We aims at providing easy, secure and very…
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Digitizing the Saving Box

Saving groups (Chilimba) are rapidly being adopted by the unbanked and underbanked in Zambia. Not only are they used by people in rural areas with little or no physical financial structures, but people in both urban and Peri-urban areas are also now using saving groups because of their nature to provide affordable savings and their…
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