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Mangwee fights COVID-19

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Mangwee fights COVID-19


We hope all our customers, stakeholders and loved ones are staying healthy during the global outbreak of COVID-19. The coronavirus outbreak has affected each one of us in one way or another. We are happy to inform that the current Coronavirus outbreak has not affect our services. We would also like to announce that we have waved transaction fees on all person to person transactions valued up to K150.  Furthermore, transaction and balance limits on agents and corporate wallets have been removed while those for individuals, small scale farmers and enterprises have been adjusted upwards as follows:

Type of Customer      Old Limit         New limit (K)         New Max Balance (K)

Individual Tier 1         10,000             20,000                              100,000

Individual Tier 2         20,000             100,000                            500,000

Small scale farmers     250,000           1,000,000                      1,000,000

Enterprises                  250,000           1,000,000                        1,000,000

While taking all precautionary measures and following necessary guidelines, our team will continue to give you support with the same levels of service. Let us stop the spread of COVID-19 through the exchange of cash notes by adopting the use of electronic payments in the settlement of financial transactions. We encourage all our customers to go cashless and take advantage of the fee waiver on person to person transactions of upto K150 and the upward adjustment of wallet and balance limits transaction.

Finally, we would like to thank all our heroes, the medical staff from all over the world that are on the front line and putting their lives on the line to fight this virus. We salute every one of you and pray for God’s protection upon your lives.

Stay safe, stay home and save lives

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