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Mangwee Partners with Hirondelle de l’Avenir

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Mangwee Partners with Hirondelle de l’Avenir

Mangwee and Hirondelle de l’Avenir have partnered to pilot a Women Empowerment Program in Zambia which will also be implemented in Benin.

The project is justified by the fact that the majority of women are excluded financially because they lack collateral and stable sources of income.  Most women in Africa are financially excluded and cannot access loans due to lack of collateral. Long distances to formal banking facilities, High mobile money transfer rates and bank charges are some of the reasons which make women unwilling to use traditional banking services.

Women have difficulty asserting themselves and bringing out the leader in them. Very few of them have projects that drive or motivate them. The Women Empowerment Program will enable them to generate stables incomes that will help them sustain themselves and their families. Through the project, the two organisations will closely work with young women in communities by giving them Mangwee franchises which will provide employment opportunities and help reduce poverty in communities. The women will be selected from a pool of applicants and will be provided with basic business management training. Topics to be covered will include;

  1. Business registration
  2. Record keeping and management
  3. Float management
  4. Customer service

After training, each woman will be given a Mangwee booth to operate with all the necessary tools and requirements.

“Most young women do not have the startup capital to set up a business of their own. The idea of the Women Empowerment Program contributes to the support of women in developing their skills and exploiting their potential; Capitalising on the strengths and maximising the resources of the two organisational structures; and pooling resources to achieve a common goal, that of contributing to the development and empowerment of women by making it easier for them to access loans and empowerment.” Said Sophie Thouvenel, Co-founder of Hirondelle de l’Avenir, who recently visited Zambia on a fact-finding mission.  

Hirondelle de l’Avenir is an NGO based in France with operations in nine regions in Benin. The NGO supports and promotes a new generation of African women who create inspiring leadership and positively influence the future of the continent. The Women Empowerment Program is committed to revealing the potential of African women at all levels of civil society and state responsibilities aiming to empower African communities. That’s why Hirondelle de l’Avenir decided to pilot a Women Empowerment Program in Zambia with Mangwee, which will be replicated in Benin before the end of 2020.

Mangwee CEO, Inonge Imasiku said the program would provide employment opportunities to women and girls in both Benin and Zambia when it is fully implemented. As a result of them owning a Mangwee franchise, they will have a stable, decent income which will enable them to provide the required nutrition for their households. Revenue is made from fees charged on each transaction performed on our platform. Fees are calculated on a tiered basis and range from 0.2% to 5% of the transaction amount involved, with our empowered women taking a small commission as high as 50% on some transactions. Inonge added that they hope to see a drastic reduction in the number of gender-based violence cases in communities that will implement the program by 2024.

Mangwee is a mobile money transfer and remittance platform addressing a vital issue of financial inclusion and disadvantaged access to bank accounts by the unbanked and underbanked across Africa. Mangwee allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay for goods and services via mobile phones. The company has a young motivated team that has vast experience across the finance and technology sectors. Mangwee launched operations in Zambia last July after being issued with a financial service license by the Central Bank of Zambia. The startup has so far trained over 350 agents with 75% being young women and has a presence in all ten provinces across Zambia.

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