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Mangwee at (WIA) 54 Project Third Annual Summit

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Mangwee at (WIA) 54 Project Third Annual Summit

Mangwee payments have continued to gain local and global recognition as a disruptor of electronic payments. The Zambian startup was selected to represent the country at the Women In Africa (WIA) 54 Project Third Annual Summit Edition, which took place in Marrakech on 27th & 28th June 2019. With over 2000 applications received from all 54 African countries, Mangwee was selected and our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Inonge attended the summit. WIA brings together exceptional women from the five Africa regions. These extraordinary women, actors of change in their respective countries, took the floor to present their ideas, their journey and vision for the continent.

Officially launched in 2017, the global initiative Women In Africa (WIA) supports, accompanies and contributes to the promotion of this new generation of African women to the service of an inclusive and innovative Africa. The objectives of the organization are to reveal the unlimited potential of African Women, to connect women leaders from Africa and the world and to support an inclusive and innovative Africa. WIA has become the first platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women.

Inonge, Mangwee CEO thanked WIA for successfully organizing the summit and giving her company the opportunity to showcase its services on a global platform. I had a rare opportunity to interact with powerful women from diverse backgrounds. Above all, the summit gave us an opportunity to generate great leads for our business. The networking was lovely, we had world-class speakers, global personalities and debates.  Matters of women empowerment are very close to my heart, as you may be aware we closely work with young women in poor communities by giving them franchises which provide employment opportunities, provide stable incomes for poor families and help reduce poverty in communities. We serve as a development and enhancement tool to the economy and population in Zambia, actively promoting and assisting to expand and strengthen economic growth as well as the stimulation of small-to-medium businesses which shall secure a better life and social benefits for the people of Zambia.

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