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Digitizing the Saving Box

Making life easy!

Digitizing the Saving Box

Saving groups (Chilimba) are rapidly being adopted by the unbanked and underbanked in Zambia. Not only are they used by people in rural areas with little or no physical financial structures, but people in both urban and Peri-urban areas are also now using saving groups because of their nature to provide affordable savings and their ability to create wealth for group members. They also give members access to readily available cash at all times when emergencies occur.

Mangwee provides a platform that helps Saving groups run and operate efficiently. Instead of running your saving group using an excel spreadsheet or hardcover books, be smart and create a group account on the Mangwee Platform for free. We help you digitise the operations of your group, giving you and your members’ convenience. All group members can make deposits into the group account by making transfers from their user wallets using our mobile app or they can make deposits through our agents located countrywide.

Mangwee Chilimba

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